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The founder

and our story

Wouldn´t it be wonderful if you could sit in one corner of the world and buy property in another corner of the world? The place of your dreams or an investment of a lifetime that you did not know existed? After having worked for almost 20 years in the real estate industry globally and nationally our founder Hege wondered why there was no secure and safe system that would allow buying property above borders. Working with real-estate agents, property owners, developers and clients from countries such as Canada, United States, India, France, Italy and Norway she realized that most of them operated in their local market, but was looking for opportunities to buy, sell and lease in other markets. She was asked for advice on how to finance, how to find a qualified broker or lawyer, how to secure transactions and verify correct documentation. With this in mind the idea of developing a digital system that would allow these features came to mind. However, Hege is a real-estate professional, not a tech-developer who knows how to do this in a clever way. She was looking for people who could help her develop the idea.

At a start-up hub, she accidently met Gjermund – one of these really smart tech-dudes that knows his codes and programming. Educated within programming, but also with the extensive experience as a nerd and with a great network. It was a business match made in heaven.

Gjermund had the technical skills and Hege had the market knowledge. For one year they worked extremely hard together to develop the system, find the right strategy and find the first investors that would believe in their idea. Both Hege and Gjermund are married with four children each, so they had to be extremely focused and determined. After one year they have created a great team with people from finance,
developers and real estate businesses that are dedicated to Proper invest and the idea of making this a huge success. They have raised enough funding to launch the first MVP and aiming for a public release in 2019.

Properinvest always looks for people that have passion and drive so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you like to help us reach our goal.

Hege Haslie-Christensen
CEO, Founder

Gjermund Vedvik
CTO, Founder


Local knowledge, need for information, trust and time

Different practice, standards, laws, cultures, and politics make it difficult to buy properties across borders. How do I find the right property, who is the most rewarded broker in that area, what are the legal requirements etc. And where do I find the right marketplace or webpage which gives me all the necessary information needed without doing hours of research? We are developing a global market place for real estate. A solution that gives you all the information you need for a proper investment.


The product and the team

We have worked hard to simplify how demands for information differ from region to region. The solution has been to make a balance in the demands for information and adapt these requirements to different users and use-cases. Our solution has the entities, functions, and validations needed to work in both the local and the global market – through our overall focus on a global solution. If you see a problem, believe us, we have most likely already stumbled upon it! That’s what 3 prototypes, a lot of testing, and workshops do.

THE possibilities

The global market.

The scale of the Professionally Managed Global Real Estate Investment Market has a turnover that is going to reach 8000 billion USD by 2018.  (MSCI, CBRE, The investor, 2016-2018). Our solutions are aiming to take one section of this market but have the foundation in our system to add or switch a segment within a short period of time if needed. It will be done by specific cross-strategies based on our already established relations and locations. Our estimated income is 26 million USD by the timeframe of 3 years. This numbers and indexes can be presented in a more detailed matter if you desite to take contact.

The first version of our MVP is ready!

We are looking for investors and partners that can help us through our next phase of development!  Book a meeting and we will explain how and why Properinvest might be the most interesting profitable PropTech company to work with! 



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